A Dubliner's Berlin

In 2002, on his 50th birthday, Martin Duffy celebrated the beginning of a new life.  Having lived in Dublin all his life up to then (excepting a year in Manhattan and several months in the UK making films), he pulled up his roots for good to submit himself to a new city.  Berlin, one of the great capitals of Europe, was where he had found love.

Berlin is a city reinvented many times, just as Martin was reinventing himself.

Martins book, A Dubliner' Berlin, is the document of this tremendous change in his life, discovering on his path a new kind of urbanity, coming to grips with a new extended family, not to mention overcoming a new language.

Besides being a heartwarming and often comical personal account, A Dubliner's Berlin is an excellent modern guide to this ever-changing city at the center of Europe's consciousness, containing relevant directions, recommendations and savvy advice for anyone wishing to either relocate there or learn more about the city through a foreigners experiences.

Martin and Claudia, Rathaus Schoneberg, Wedding Day

Here are two articles by Martin related to the book, written within the same timeframe, though not included.

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