Martin was introduced to Diarmuid Lavery and Mike Hewitt by the late Belfast filmmaker Bill Miskelly. The lads had met through working for Bill on "The End of the World Man", and formed Double Band Films.
He edited their first documentary, "An Irish Artist in New York", and in the process they became firm friends. Later work together included "Belfast Boxers" and "Between the Hedges", as well as the eclectic "The Trouble with Art."
Double Band have won several awards and are now one of the most established companies in their field of documentary work. They are also developing drama projects.

Mike Hewitt and Diarmuid Lavery



Since working as an editor at RTE, Ireland's national television service, Martin has found a mentor and father-figure in the enigmatic Gaeltacht filmmaker Bob Quinn.
Bob is recognized as one of Irelands greatest living rebel-philosophers:  he has published several books, his films have been distributed worldwide, and he is a member of Aosdana.  Bob is also one of the prime forces behind what is today's Telifis Na Gaeltachta, which maintains an Irish language presence in Irish media.  Bob was also the best man at Martin and Claudias wedding in 2003.  Follow the link below to learn about Bob and his ongoing CineGael projects.

Bob Quinn, intrepid adventurer, in Egypt



Martin met New York poet Samuel Menashe at a writers retreat in Northern Ireland several years ago, and they have since been good friends.

"Pity us
By the sea
On the sands
So briefly"

Read the New York Times article on Sam at, also links to ordering options for his latest collection and cd reading (the cover of which, right, Martin snapped on the west coast of Ireland).


Samuel Menasche in Northern Ireland


OGMA PRESS is the newest venture of Martins eldest son, Bernard Duffy.  Beginning in Summer 2006 the small, New York based publishing company will be offering Irish themed titles for retail both sides of the Atlantic.  Among the first ten books to be printed will be three previously unpublished works by Martin.



A long time friend of Bernard and Martin, Jeremiah Costello is also making his way in Germany, as a voice-talent artist!

His booming American accent will certainly grab your attention...  listen to the mp3s and learn more about him at


Jeremiah Costello

  Top class distribution of world films in Ireland, as discussed in Martin's 'Berlin Cinema's' article,

Access Cinema Ireland

  World2000:  Explore the world of Morgan O'Sullivan, the pulse of Irelands movie industry.  Martins profile of Morgan can be found on the Film Resources page.

BT-Films:  The Berlin-based production company with which Martin is developing some exciting new projects.

Film Ireland:  The one site to keep track of everything film on the island of Ireland.

Kieran Murray provided some content to us about the Classic Cinema, for which he has a special dedication site here.


What is Martin Duffy's connection with this sinister being?

Though Martin vigorously denies any link to this former Irish childrens TV star gone bad, conspiracy theorists in Dublin are increasingly looking to him as the man behind this beady-eyed lunatic.

Get the full scoop at
"The Bosco File."

Evil Bosco

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