Barney and Molly: A True Dublin Love Story

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The paperback edition of the long awaited Duffy family history is now available through dozens of online retailers.  ISBN: 978-0978585310, 300 pages including 32 b+w photos, RRP $20/11/16.

A limited hardcover edition, exclusive to the Duffy family, has been produced and as of the end of November 2006 shipped to New York, Dublin, Toronto, Berlin and the U.K, for private distribution around the Christmas holidays.  (200 copies, handbound by Meyers Bookbinders, Auburn N.Y.).

The book has so far received very positive feedback from any who have read even part of it.  Martin remains objective in his telling of the family struggles and accomplishments of a hundred years, and tells the story with honesty and humor.  Chock with heartening anecdotes of the family overcoming the hardships of their era, Martin describes his book as "an antidote to the misery of Angela's Ashes."

Filmmaker and author Peter Sheridan (44: Dublin Made Me) calls it "a book as funny as it is unpretentious, as true as it is colourful, and as skilful as it is readable."  Galway writer and auteur Bob Quinn calls it "... a family saga as important as any history of the House of Windsor."

The paperback is available direct through the publisher at Ogma Press, or via,, Barnes & Noble, Borders or Powells.  The paperback can by ordered in Ireland through the Eason's website,

A Myspace page for Barney and Molly is attracting hundreds of the Duffy diaspora from as far off as Malaysia and Australia to get together to read excerpts of the book, which will be posted each Friday.  Family members are particularly encouraged to join this group!

If you are a bookseller interested in stocking this title or any other by Martin Duffy, contact [email protected] for information on trade discounts.


The children of Barney and Molly, 1999

Duffy siblings together in 1999

Time in the tenements, late 1920's

Molly flanked by daughters Brigit and Ethel

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