Splice of Life (1988)

Paul Bennett at a Steenbeck

Fred:  Paul Bennett
Wife:  Liz Bono
Voice of Director:  David Heap
Mr. Hughes:  Des Nealon
Security Man:  Jim Bartley
Girl in Hall:  Catherine Crowe
Man in Car:  Sean Lawlor
Original Music:  Fran Dempsey
Camera:  Breffni Byrne
Producer:  Emer Reynolds
Writer, Editor, Director:  Martin Duffy


Martin Duffy at a Steenbeck

Martin's first short film, about an unusual day in the life of a film editor was aired first on RT in 1989.  The film is available to view here, or directly on Google Video.


Press Play twice to watch the full movie

Trivia:  The soundtrack was written and performed by Fran Dempsey, better known to Irish children of the day as "Fortycoats", from the popular tv show Martin scripted.

More trivia:  The second man in the car in the motorway scene is Irish film and documentary director Alan Gilsenan.

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