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Children's Writing

Martin has been writing for children since the 1970's, most notably for Irish television (RTÉ) for whom he wrote a large number of episodes of Bosco and Fortycoats, and a few Wanderly Wagon episodes too, popular stuff in their day!  Writing for young teens, two science-fiction novels, Once upon a Universe and Mothership, were released in the early 1990's and, though out of print, can still be found online.

Peg Leg Gus is the newest short novel from Martin, written for his daughter Ellen.  Click on the pic for a sneak peak at the first few chapters and info on where it can be purchased  online.

Sir Morbid the Brood is a fascinating though dark tale of a medieval knight who unwittingly circumnavigates the globe in search for the end of the world, and becomes despondent at his failure to find it.

Peg Leg Gus



Barney and Molly

Martin's long awaited biography of his parents was released in paperback in October 2006.  The family portrait is reaching around the world, to the Duffy Clan far and wide, and is available through most online retailers.

Follow the link to Barney and Molly's page to learn more about this large family, watch the promo vid and enjoy the snapshots of a Dublin long ago.



Barney and Molly Duffy, parents of Martin


A Dubliner's Berlin

Martin is compiling a guide to his adopted city, the strange chameleon city at the heart of German culture.  Follow the link to learn more about the experiences of a Dubliner in Berlin.

The page additionally contains two excluded passages from the book:

An Irishman on the Autobahn

and Berlin Cinemas

Martin and Clauia, a Dubliner's Berlin



Asides from screenplays, city guides, family history, and juvenile science fiction, Martin somehow managed to produce some serious drama too.  Originally written for RTÉ radio in the early 1980's, here is the chilling story of the secret life of Frankenstein's apprentice, Ygor.

Sir Morbid the Brood